Recruitment & Labour Hire Services

We provide our clients with a reliable, flexible and scalable workforce solution through the following avenues:


Temporary/Casual Placement - assists with covering the peaks and troughs that exist in relation to seasonal and market driven fluctuations, personnel absences and project growth. 

This flexible workforce allows for the mobilisation of personnel as required, especially at the commencement of a project, to build a workforce pipeline. 

Fixed Term Placements  - provides a long term and stable workforce to maintain optimal productivity levels and is responsive to project scale and growth. 

The ‘Lewill difference’ 

As a valued client, you will be provided with a sustainable workforce solution at industry accepted rates with access to complimentary resources and benefits offered by the LWG at no additional charge. 

A particular feature of the 'Lewill difference' is our delivery of ongoing scaffolding support and performance review of our personnel we recruit through our labour hire model to help our clients achieve optimal workforce productivity, while maintaining an active contract management relationship with senior management so our services are always fit-for-purpose.

Whilst the day-to-day management and supervision of LWG personnel on site remains the responsibility of our client the LWG will provide its scaffolding and mentoring support in addition to managing human resource requirements, such as payment of wages, taxes, superannuation and insurances. 


Workforce Recruitment Process

The LWG will deliver workforce solutions upon the implementation of a number of key processes. The aim of the LWG’s recruitment process and methodology is to source quality candidates for roles on your project.


The key phases of the LWG recruitment approach are: 

• Community Engagement; 

• Workforce Onboarding; 

• Workforce Establishment; and 

• Workforce Management and Review. 



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